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Your body is like an encyclopedia of your emotions. You have stored within you every hurt, fear and trauma since your childhood.  Maybe some of these scars may come from past lives that you can't even remember or perceive. Yet these deep-set and unresolved wounds can generate illness, chronic pain, weight problems, addictions and depression.
They can affect the amount of money you earn or the relationships you have.  They can make you repeat and repeat the same problems, because they are on an unconscious switch located in your chakras, the energy centers of your body, and they may not respond to rational thought or traditional therapy.


Do you have something in your life that refuses to change? Despite all your best, conscious efforts, the same pattern seems to come up time after time?

For example, you quit your job because your boss is overbearing. You get a new job, which seems wonderful, then the new boss shows the same pattern of behavior. Or you know in relationships you attract a certain "type". Maybe it's financial...maybe you always give too much money away and never have enough for yourself.

We can have patterns in our physical body too...one area which always gets sick. Or stiff. Or painful. 

Where do these patterns come from? Why can't we change them?

Because they are rooted in an emotional trauma in our chakras.

What can we do about it?
NOVA lightwork is a technique of energy healing. Like reiki, acupuncture and yoga, it utilizes the chi, or life force energy, in your body. But this technique allows YOU to perceive your chi, then increase it, then direct it.

You can direct the flow of chi to an illness or problem in your physical body, or you can direct it to an emotional or behavioral problem. Often we find that our physical problems are connected to our emotional problems and they both get released at the same time.

What results can I expect?
Changes in long-standing habitual behavior, release of chronic physical problems, and increase in physical energy are among the common results of this energy work. 
I think in fifty years the measuring of chi, or life force, will be a common occurrence in the doctor's office.  It's the foundation of Chinese medicine, a practice that goes back 10,000 years. But energy work must go hand in hand with a doctor’s care in the event of illness – we must heal both body and soul simultaneously.

Imagine that...we can change our life with energy. Our own energy. Just by knowing about it, and knowing what to do with it.




Founder Abbi Lake O'Neill

Abbi was born on a farm in Indiana.  She grew up in the Quaker church. After getting a degree at Columbia University and traveling in Europe, she came to Los Angeles for a career in film.  But when her mother was dying of ovarian cancer, she had a break-through experience and began channeling.  Her yoga practice helped her see energetic blocks in chakras, and she began doing channeled readings specifically oriented to dissolving chakral blocks.   Since 2009 Abbi has done over 5000 readings as a medical intuitive.  Her work is designed to restore the flow of energy in the chakras to help heal illness and deeply entrenched behavioral problems. Then she realized she could teach the technique. Students from around the world are now able to heal themselves, and are now becoming certified NOVA practitioners as well.

All photography provided by Abbi Lake O'Neill, Emanuel Snyder, Michael Brown and Richard Burnett.

Learn how lightwork can change your life

Learn how lightwork can change your life


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Join us for classes, seminars and spiritual vacations

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